untitled-1  ANUM KHAN  BURN VICTIM

Anam Khan 23 years old, mother of 4 years old baby girl, from a poor background is an acid burn victim with 50% of her body badly burnt. She was travelling from Lahore to Sahiwal, when three motorcyclists threw acid on her.  Anum’s back, legs, arms and her head and forehead partially burnt. She was taken to Jinnah hospital where she was admitted in critical condition.


We at Lifeline Welfare Foundation were informed the next day and we immediately reached for help.  Ever since we have been taking care of all her medical expenses and have been facilitating her in every possible way to comfort her.  We have been closely monitoring her medical treatment at Jinnah Hospital.  She has had several surgeries and now, after four months she is looking forward to second phase of her treatment for cosmetic surgeries with our help and support.  We also provided her legal help and had the culprits arrested.  With our effort she received Financial help as well from the Government of the Punjab.