Aims & Objectives




Lifeline Welfare Foundation has been established  for the welfare of Children, youth, women, disabled, old and neglected persons.

Since 2010, Lifeline has been playing its role to promote, develop, protect, aid foster and empower, socially suppressed people and has worked towards the sustainable development for bringing visible change in the living conditions of these individuals.

Following are the main aims and objectives of Lifeline children programme:

  • To encourage the people with tender hearts to either adopt a child or a family.


  • To work for uplifting the status of girls/boys in the society and to fight against the victimization of girl / boys by anybody in the society.


  • To fight against exploitation, injustice and corruption if found against any individual, class, community in the society especially children.


  • To help and generate training programme for Lifeline children, such as vocational training for above 15 years old children.


  • To create the means for providing medical assistance to the children suffering from diseases or ill health.


  • To promote special health & nutrition services for children.


  • To organise forums, seminars, camps etc for spreading good living habits, moral values, and methods of developing self confidence and empowerment.


  • Provide scholarship to extra hardworking hardworking children for further education.


  • To arrange seminars to educate children to refrain from drugs and Alcoholism.



  • To coordinate with other relevant organizations, institutions, NGO’s and service providers with special emphasis on children.


  • To organize and conduct such promotional and training programs, for the uplift of social sector society as a whole.